Our First Guided Back Road Bike Tour

Our first guided cycling tours will take us along back roads to southwestern Ontario’s only tulip production farm. 

If you would like to get more information and sign up, please click here.

A man and a woman wearing cycling clothes and helmets stand with their bicycles laden with packs in front of the a red eight sided barn

Every year we are excited to welcome the first cyclists of the season

We love cyclists and their stories.

The Crazy 8 Barn & Garden is fortunate to be located on the trans-continental bike trail – The Erie Connector Route – that travels through the municipality of Chatham-Kent from Wallaceburg (Walpole Ferry from the U.S.) to Elgin County. We see many cyclists making their way from Portland Maine to Portland, Oregon and many other variations.  We enjoy their stories and willingly fill water bottles (with Blue W certified safe water) and provide a casual rest stop and unlimited wifi use, all for free.  If cyclists arrive during our off-hours, they are welcome to take a break on the grounds under a shade tree or at one of our many outdoor tables and benches.

Waterfront Trail cyclists stop for a break at Crazy 8 Barn & Garden

Many cyclists also stop during their circling of Lake Erie or making the trek from Windsor to Montreal.  We are located on Ontario’s waterfront trail along Lake Erie’s north shore. Local bicyclists, many who enjoy the trails at nearby Rondeau Park, stop for ice cream or healthy snacks.  They even pack away alot of our famous butter tarts.

Some Cyclists Comments from Crazy 8 Barn & Garden Guest Book

  • Manhattan, New York – cross continent – first cyclist of the season
  • From Hamburg, Germany, cycled 1250 km for the best Rhubarb pie ever
  • Wutschein, Austria on bicycle around the world
  • From San Diego CA… cycling from Maine to Seattle
  • From Montreal… biking across Canada
  • Travelling from Cleveland by bike. Loved the pie.
  • NYC to San Francisco, via bicycle
  • Kingston Velo Club (15 cyclists)
  • Oddessey 2015 – Cycling from New Hampshire to Michigan along the Great Lakes Trails
  • Cycling Colorado to NYC (Beautiful place with great energy. Thank you for your kindness)
  • Cycling from Anacortes, WA to Boston, MA

We encourage you to visit Crazy 8 Barn & Garden on your next cycling adventure.

In 2022, Susanne rediscovered a love of riding the backroads of the area that she had done as a youngster.  She pedaled1000s of kilometers on gravel and hardtop roads, groomed and ungroomed former rail lines and enjoyed nature close up.  On her autumn travels, she responsibly gathered many native seeds and dispersed them in their farm gully that would benefit from this rehabilitation.

bike parked on straight gravel path with green trees and grass on each side

Susanne’s bike parked on former rail line

In August, Susanne joined in the Sick Kids Great Cycle Challenge to help children fight cancer.  The generosity of her customers and friends put her into the “Superhereos” fundraising circle and she got this really cool jersey (designed by the kids).  Thank you to everyone for their support.

Woman in bicycle helmet and bicycle jersey with a Superhereo's star on the front, is smiling with one arm outstretched and the other holding her bike

A highlight of Susanne’s cycling 2022 year.