Shopping in Chatham-Kent has never been so much fun, since I (Susanne at Crazy 8 Barn & Garden) launched my Facebook Live Sales.  While this has been a sales idea, perculating in my mind for the past few months, it became a necessity this Spring when my customers could only shop online.  So, if you’re not familiar with this new way of shopping, it’s not like a trip to the mall, it’s more like a day shopping with your friend.  Now, we’ve set regular dates for our sale – Wednesday at 7 PM and Friday at 3 PM, so you won’t miss them.

Here are 5 reasons to watch a Crazy 8 Barn & Garden Live Facebook Sale:

  1.  You’ll laugh.  Like the time I had a Blues Brothers costume appear on my head, or when I talked about smearing dairy cream all over my face in Scotland. If you’re wondering what to do around Chatham-Kent, watching me on Wednesday evenings or Friday afternoon is a great way to spend a couple of hours.
  2. You’ll be surprised. “I didn’t know she sold that,” will be your new saying.  Shopping online is available 24/7 if you miss a Facebook Live Sale.
  3. You will find a deal.  Prices are reasonable at Crazy 8 Barn and I always include a few things from our “clearance” area.
  4. Gift giving becomes easy.  I have some great gift items like Wrendale designs – the funky animals from English artist Hannah Dale – that appear on mugs, cards, cushions, clocks, napkins and more.
  5. You can build your “Grandma Stash”.  As a Grandma, who doesn’t want to have some special toys and activities that you can keep at your house (when it is allowed) for the grandchildren to play with.  I always include a few special items that you will appreciate the quality like Goki puzzles and the kids will enjoy the humour of something like a good Fart Game.


So set your calendar to remind you to watch our sales.  It’s easy, just comment “SOLD” with the item description and we will contact you for payment and delivery.  Easy, fun, shopping.

Don’t forget Wednesday at 7 PM and Friday at 3 PM.

Crazy 8 Barn Facebook Live Sale promotion with jewellery, DIY kits and Wrendale mugs

Susanne owner of Crazy 8 Barn & Garden creates fun Facebook Live Sales with jewellery, DIY kits and Wrendale mugs and cushions and much more.