Experiences & Custom Designs


The Stories

Barn quilts tell stories of rural families, farms and communities. These traditional or new quilt designs “usually” are hung on barns but are now migrating to gardens, sheds and homes – inside and outside.


Barn quilt experiences are hosted in small groups in our historic 8-sided barn. We dive into the lore of barn quilts and your create your own 24″ x 24″ masterpiece.  Designs change seasonally or you can choose your own designs

Custom Made

Barn quilts – either custom made for you (up to 8′ x 8′) or in-stock designs are available for purchase online.

The Story we Tell

Barn Quilt Experiences

Discovering our local story on our garden barn quilt trail

Barn Quilt Trail

We love sharing our local stories as our guests wander with us along our new garden barn quilt trail.  From Mastodons to Fisheries and Farmers surprises pop up along the pathway.

Barn Quilt Experiences allow guests to create their own barn quilt

Barn Quilt Experiences

Our guests enjoy creating their own 24″ x 24″ barn quilts.  It’s a great day out or a special weekend away as there are lots of interesting place to see and stay nearby. 


Hand made country-style scones or gluten free treats

Hand Made Treats

Barn Quilt Experiences include delicious hand made baking and gluten free treats, with surprising locally-inspired beverages. 

Susanne Spence Wilkins

Barn Quilt Artist

Susanne has been painting barn quilts since she and her partner, Manfred Wiehle, completed the reconstruction of an historic, 8-sided timber frame barn in 2013.  It began with a desire to decorate the barn with this emerging rural artwork phenomenon and led to working with a group of local barn owners to create the East Kent Barn Quilt Trail.

Now she enjoys sharing her love of these story-telling pieces and works with others to spread their beauty throughout Ontario.

You will enjoy her humour and her patience as you create your own barn quilt or commission her to design one especially for you.




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