Boy, it has been a week.

On Monday, we met with our real estate to sign the papers to list our beloved octagon barn for sale.

I called my staff to let them know:  one sounded thrilled for me; the other sounded uncertain.

Tuesday, the For Sale sign went up. In front of our business.

Manfred and I did a Facebook Live Video to announce the sale.

I sent an email to over 700 subscribers announcing the sale.

Many people congratulated us.  Some people said they were sad.

Wednesday, our doors opened for customers.  Surprise.  Happiness for us.  Curiosity: What are you going to do? (And, not out loud, “I wonder what they’re asking for it?”)

Thursday, more questions.  Business continues.  I host our weekly live show, stay until dark – gardening.

Friday, we had our first showing.  They had “ideas”, were interested in the café and seemed quite nice.  Youngish – thinking about a challenge.

Saturday, I heard back from our real estate agent.  The visitors thought we were very accommodating and helpful.  There is interest.

Sunday, it hit me.  We aren’t looking for “just a buyer” for the barn.  We are searching for someone who absolutely loves the barn.  What they do in it, doesn’t really interest me. They can live, work or play here.  Even all three.

I want someone to come in, who cannot contain their enthusiasm.  Who is so in awe with every nook and cranny of this beautiful building, that they forget they are a buyer.  They lose their composure.  They give up their stone cold negotiator face.

I want someone to come in, who feels like I did, the first time I entered that dilapidated old barn. How I was filled with awe as I climbed over a discarded TV and clambered up rickety boards to get into a mow filled with old straw where raccoons were living.

I want someone to say “I’ll take it” and not know how they will pay for it, but know they would give up everything they have and more to have this building. Like I did.

I want someone to want this barn so much, that it doesn’t matter to them what the next step is.  I want to know when I see them walk in that they are the one that must have this barn.

When they call back and say they’ll “take it”, I want to able to say “Yes, you and this barn were meant to be together .”  Just like the previous owner said to me when I said I wanted it.