What a fool believes in a village doesn’t change over the decades.

Last night, the 1970’s drenched sounds of the Doobie Brothers rocked an old church in Highgate and I was there to see it.

What a fool believes was one of the Doobie Brothers songs by the Tribute Band

Listen to the Music, a Doobie Brothers Tribute Band, rocked the Mary Webb Centre.

The Listen to the Music tribute band brought the rock group’s few number one hits to the stage and this had the biggest fans in the audience hooting and dancing in the back.  The band said they liked bringing the Doobies’ lesser known songs to the stage.

I am not student of music.  I can remember some lyrics, but who sang them almost always escapes me.  However, I love to listen, stomp my feet and clap my hands.

Last night, I was doing all three.

Listen to the Music –Doobies Tribute sprinkled their most popular songs like Black Water and What a Fool Believes throughout the evening.  The song that I loved most was Dangerous.  The guitars and the lyrics were full throttle just like the Harley Davidson in the song.

The other aspect about the evening that never stops amazing me is that high quality concerts are happening in this volunteer-run facility in a village of about 500 people.

Downstairs is an art gallery featuring local artists.  For the past two months, artwork depicting the Guyitt-Anderson House (Canada’s most photographed house) has hung there.

The talent throughout the building is first class, but the feeling is small-town and friendly.  During each concert, Peter – the Music Director makes announcements and asks where people live and who is attending for the first time?  He welcomes them and then asks the most important question:

“What took you so long?”

If you haven’t attended a concert, take a look at their upcoming performances at www.marywebbcentre.ca

And remember, what a fool believes in a village never changes.